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Creating a unique bond with your customers in 3 steps !

Your customers are the beating heart of your brand. You can have the best product in the world but if you don’t have a customer, you simply don’t have a business. This being said, having customers is not enough. You also need to establish a unique bond with them and keep them loyal so that they come back for more (more purchases that is!). I’ll reveal 3 strategies to adopt in order to foster a unique relationship with your customer.

Above all, to master the art of creating a unique bond with your customers, you need to know them inside and out. This requires a lengthy search for your ideal customer, the one you want to reach with your product. You must be able to put yourself in your customer’s shoes, understand how they feel and act accordingly. This is the very essence of your business: a deep understanding of your customer base will provide you with the keys to deliver the right product, at the right place and at the right time. 

Step 1: Building your brand storytelling

Storytelling is the collection of stories that you will compose around your brand. Consumers don’t just purchase a product; they buy the story behind it.

Thanks to this method of communication you will build your brand image and create a strong bond with your customers. 

Creating a unique bond of trust with both clients and prospects through storytelling

The relationship you build with your customers could not exist without trust. 

When a potential customer discovers your brand, they need time to learn more about your products, values and universe before trusting you and choosing your products. 

But how do you build the trust of your ideal customer?

This is where storytelling comes in. By telling the story about your brand and your products, you allow your ideal customer to dive into your world and build an emotional bond with you. 

The reason ‘why’ you created your brand is an essential part of your storytelling. Your reason for being must always appear clearly in your communication or on your website. Simply because people love stories and like it when there is a reason and not just a goal. It’s thanks to your why that they can identify with your brand and weave an emotional bond with you. 

How can you build your storytelling?

To build your storytelling, I would encourage you to take notes and answer the following questions: 

  • What is your journey? 
  • When did you decide to launch your brand?
  • Why did you launch your brand? What is your raison d’être?
  • What makes you unique? What sets you apart from other brands? This is the unique value proposition.
  • Why did you decide to create this product and not another? How did the idea for this product come about?
  • What are your values? 
  • Why do you use this material, this or that fabric or ingredient? 

These different aspects of your story will allow you, on the one hand, to convey strong messages and, on the other hand, to attract customers who will recognize themselves in your speech. 

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Step 2: Become a conversational brand

Telling your story is the first step towards building a trusting relationship with your client. The second step is to strengthen this bond and make it more concrete by engaging with him/her. 

Starting a newsletter

A newsletter is the cornerstone of any business.

And for good reason, it allows, thanks to a questionnaire/form on your website, to collect all the email addresses of your potential and current customers. 

Thanks to this database, you will be able to convert interested individuals into customers, inform them of your latest news and connect with them. 

By sending emails at a regular rhythm, you will create a weekly, bi-monthly or monthly appointment with your community. In this way, your customers don’t forget you, maintain constant contact with you, and the desire to purchase from you grows stronger and stronger. 

A few tips, however:

✔️ Personalize your communication. Ask for the person’s first name at the time of their registration and reuse it in your newsletters. You can also collect their birth dates when creating their account to send them a little something on their special (birth)day. 

✔️ Vary your content and topics. Talking about new products is good. Showing the behind-the-scenes of your brand is even better: your subscriber will feel privileged and will be delighted to know more. 

✔️ Listen to your customers. In addition to pleasing them and showing that you are a caring brand that puts the customer at the heart of its concerns, you will gather valuable information to improve your products and develop parts that are perfectly suited to them. 

Creating a unique bond with customers through social networks

Social networks are the ideal channel to connect with new customers while strengthening your relationship with your most loyal ones.

#1 – Reply to private messages and comments

As its name suggests, a social network is made to exchange with other people: friends, family but also, and especially in your case, clients. And if there is one tool that allows you to exchange with your customers, it definitely has to be private messages and comments. 

Thanks to them, you’ll be able to exchange and connect directly with your target. 

As long as you reply to your messages! It’s essential to be present and never leave a comment unanswered. Take at least ten minutes in the morning and ten minutes in the evening to answer everyone. This time should of course be adapted according to the number of messages you receive per day. 

Be as precise as possible in your answers and personalize them with the person’s first name. The client will feel listened to and will undoubtedly remember the attention you give him/her. 

#2 – Using tools to create interaction

Over the years, social networks have developed tools to bring users closer together. 

Surveys, questions, quizzes… all tools are great for fostering interaction with your community and developing a special relationship that can only be built through social networks.

Don’t hesitate to use these tools to involve your community in the development or improvement of new products. Consumers love to give their opinions and know that a brand takes their feedback and needs into account. 

Step 3: Launching a loyalty program

The loyalty program is the icing on the cake of customer relations. 

It must make your customer want to buy from you again and become one of your most dedicated customers. 

It’s easier to strengthen a relationship with a customer who has already bought from you than to create a relationship with a potential customer. 

There are several types of loyalty programs: it’s up to you to find what suits you best and set the rules accordingly! 

Here are a few ideas: 

A little attention in the form of a voucher or discount. The advantage of this solution is that it encourages your customer to make a new purchase to enjoy his gift. 

A gift. A small gift is really the best reward you can offer a customer since he/she doesn’t have to make another purchase to acquire it and it’s 100% free. However, this isn’t suitable for some brands that do not offer small gifts. 

✅ In addition to loyalty through purchasing, you can focus on more qualitative loyalty. For example, you can take the decision not to reward purchases but the reviews left by customers on your site or on social networks. 

Naturally, your loyalty program should not be too expensive. Apart from the customer relationship, it must be a way for you to generate more sales and therefore make more profit, not more expenses! 

You will have gathered that creating a unique bond with your customers will not only allow you to be perceived as an accessible brand. It’s also an essential element for your future customer to trust you, take the plunge and buy from you, but also to increase the loyalty of your current customers.

Céline Gainsburg-Rey


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