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3 tips to overcome the imposter syndrome

You may have all the keys to develop your business, but if you don’t have the right mindset, you’ll have trouble making your brand a success. To free yourself from your limiting beliefs and give the best of yourself, I would like to share with you three tips that you can apply straightaway!

Tip #1: Make a list of your fears… as well as of your wins

“I’m not capable of…”, “I’ll never be able to…”, “it’s out of my reach”. Have these phrases ever crossed your mind? I reassure you, it’s perfectly normal. Not many entrepreneurs can boast of never having felt a certain sense of inadequacy. However, although this feeling of doubt is a healthy one, it can very quickly become a paralyzing fear and prevent you from moving forward.

To get past the impostor syndrome, I invite you to make a list of your fears. For example: 

  • I don’t dare launch a new product
  • I don’t have the expertise to launch my online store 
  • I can’t contact nor approach suppliers 

This step involves a difficult introspection, but it is crucial to become (fully) aware of the limiting beliefs that are holding you back and to overcome them. 

Once you have written this list, make a second list, but this time of your wins (i.e. achievements, successes…):

  • I have achieved the sales figures I desired.
  • My customers are very pleased with my products
  • I was featured in a magazine   

Being accountable for your successes will allow you to overcome your fears and step out of your comfort zone. You’ve already had the courage to launch your brand, no obstacle can stop you now!

Tip #2: Use the “Coué” method

The Coué method consists of reassuring yourself by repeating motivating and positive phrases. The imposter syndrome is also a mirror image of your imagination: you project yourself and imagine the worst case scenario before you have even started! 

The “Coué” method allows you to feel more at ease and to accept the fact that you cannot wait for everything to fall into place before taking the plunge or a leap of faith (yes, for perfection simply doesn’t exist!).

It’s all about how it turns out. Instead of thinking “I can’t do it”, you are going to say “I can do it/this!”.  Do you feel the difference? 

You can write these motivational phrases in a notebook or on a post-it that you leave somewhere on your desk (in plain sight) so that you always have them in front of you. You can also set up a daily routine that consists of repeating these phrases in front of the mirror every time your mood drops or you get disheartened. It’s a sure way to boost yourself!

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Tip #3: Take it one step at a time

Imposter syndrome often occurs when you’re dealing with a mountain of different tasks: launching a new product, developing a new distribution channel, relocating to a new workshop… And it’s perfectly normal! The more work we have to do, the more likely we are to get discouraged. 

My piece of advice? Take a deep breath and take it one step at a time. 

#1 – Set deadlines. You certainly won’t be able to do everything in just one day: establish a timeline with the different stages of your project. By prioritizing tasks, you avoid spreading yourself too thin and giving in to a state of panic as tasks accumulate in no particular order.

#2 – Write down all the tasks you need to do to reach your goal within the allotted time. Don’t hesitate to elaborate and break down each task into smaller subtasks. 

#3 – Finally, add each task to your to-do list and try to divide them up as much as possible in your calendar so that you don’t feel swamped.

Besides reassuring you, this well-honed process will allow you to reach your goals more smoothly and won’t leave you feeling out of place!

All entrepreneurs are prone to imposter syndrome. While it’s normal to doubt and question yourself, your limiting beliefs shouldn’t cripple you. You’ve already taken the plunge by launching your brand… it would be a real pity to stop there, don’t you think? Never lose sight of the reason why you started your business, it will certainly help you get back on track.

Céline Gainsburg-Rey


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