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My mission

I support craftsmen and entrepreneurs in developing their brand in order to go upmarket and achieve new objectives.

Graduate of the Higher Institute of Luxury Marketing in Paris, I am specialized in brand marketing and international management.

My personnal story My philosophy
Céline Gainsburg-Rey

My personnal story

A girl from the South seeking to conquer Paris

/ Originally from the Toulouse area, I come from a family of a long line of entrepreneurs. As craftsmen, traders and industrials, my family members have all given me the taste of entrepreneurship and passed on the values I defend on a daily basis through my activity.

/ At the age of 18, I decided to get off the beaten track and chart my own course. This was the beginning of an adventure filled with wonderful encounters. Firstly with a
training in marketing at a Business school and a first experience in the sales & marketing field, at Bernardaud. From this experience, a conviction arose. Working in the luxury field was more than just a thought!

Céline Gainsburg-Rey - Paris
Céline Gainsburg-Rey - New York

My first steps

Discovering the world of luxury

/ I started to make my mark in the marketing department at Lancel in Paris, in parallel with my MBA in “Luxury Brand Marketing and International Management” at the ‘Institut
Supérieur de Marketing du Luxe’. After that, I set my eyes on America: I spent more than six years in New York, working for luxury watch brands, such as Breguet and Jaquet Droz.

/ One day, Paris called me. I came home for an exciting mission within the sales and marketing department at Hour Passion (a multi-brand distributor of clocks and watches – jewellery – accessories). The collaboration lasted four years during which I assisted more than thirty brands in their positioning and offered a wide array of different strategies.

Istanbul, the transition

The perfect city to reinvent yourself.

/ Alphonse de Lamartine said, “If one had but a single glance to give the world, one should gaze on Istanbul”… So I went and had a look for myself. I was welcomed by the Jaeger-LeCoultre House as the Manager of the Turkey-Greece-Cyprus-Israel markets.

/ Everything was aligned so that I could continue on this path, in search of a higher position and a bigger market. But slowly, a weariness settled in. I felt as though I was “conditioned”, repeating the same actions and trapped in a straitjacket. I longed to surpass myself. I was bursting with ideas, wanted to get out of my comfort zone and get into entrepreneurship and creation.

/ My education taught me that. If a situation is no longer satisfying nor fulfilling, one should not wait around while whining, putting one’s head in the sand – like an ostrich – Instead, it’s best to take control and change the course of things; in a positive manner!

/ I love facing a challenge, finding a solution as well as the path that leads us there. As a pragmatic and organized woman of action, I am part of a collaborative mission and a common and non-individualistic logic.

I want to support those who have “gold in their hands” but not enough time or experience to do so.


Looking for an unlimited project

/ From there, my entrepreneurial adventure was born. Its mission? To help craftsmen-creators and entrepreneurs develop their brand, go up-market and reach their new objectives.

/ I too often meet young creators, entrepreneurs or even major brands that have “golden nuggets” in the palm of their hands. Sadly, they do not realize how precious their potential actually is and do not optimize their value nor history.
I simply want to shake everything up, straighten things, establish a logic and use synergies to restructure their strategy!

/ I fundamentally believe in the collaborative system to generate creativity and bring out the uniqueness of each project. To do this, a “pool” of talents accompanies me on projects according to my clients’ needs (graphic designers, developers, writers, marketing experts, intellectual property attorney, etc).

Céline Gainsburg-Rey

My ambition is to create a complete ecosystem to support my customers with speed and agility – an incubator for artisan brands.

My philosophy

It is based on these five pillars
Craftsmanship • Expertise • History • Tradition • Authenticity

I believe in craftsmen of excellence, value creators and visionary entrepreneurs.
I also believe that their customers deserve authentic stories and products.
In this way, I wish to help them build a sustainable brand strategy, aligned with their company’s values.

A brand must align itself around its four values

To have meaning

A brand that makes sense is more convincing and has more value. Nothing is more powerful than individuals who believe in a cause.

Be Authentic

Authenticity is the determining quality of a brand. It comes naturally through a good knowledge of oneself and of one’s purpose. A brand distinguishes itself by the singularity perceived by the consumer.

Be Consistent

The best brand strategy only makes sense if it is followed by concrete actions. A brand comes alive through its attitude: what it says, what it does, what it claims and how it looks – every detail counts!

Trigger Emotions

Beyond the rational connection, a brand must arouse emotions, inspire action and build cohesion around its community. The image of this brand must be engraved in the heart of its target and be a reference in their mind.


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