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Artisan-creator: when to hire a branding consultant?

Calling on a branding consultant has many advantages: it saves time, money, and allows you to build a strategy to develop a successful and long-lasting brand… But when is the right time to call on an expert when you are an artisan-creator? Should you get help from the beginning or should you wait until you encounter difficulties? Discover my advice to get help at the right time and get the maximum benefits.

Getting help to launch your business

The launch of your business is a crucial moment that can determine the success or failure of your brand. 

And with good reason as this is when you define the foundations of your brand with your business plan (positioning, products, ideal customer…). I often compare business to a house: if the foundations are unstable, it may deteriorate – or even collapse – over time. 

To build a sustainable (and stable) brand, you absolutely must take the time to work on your foundation. If the terms “brand positioning” or “unique value proposition” are unfamiliar to you, we recommend hiring a branding consultant. 

The consultant’s role is to help you build your brand strategy in order to emerge in your market and meet your ideal client. At the end of the coaching, you will finally know where you are heading and how you are going to get there without wasting time and not getting any results.

Let’s be clear: creating your brand strategy is not just about defining your slogan, your name and your ideal client. The goal is to dig deep into your values, your commitments, your DNA to reveal the uniqueness of your brand and give it the visibility it deserves.

According to INSEE, 25% of companies fail in the first two years. The reason for this failure? For 49% of them, it is a problem of market research, positioning or communication. Hence the importance of getting support to be sure that your project is viable and that your product is sufficiently differentiating.

A brand with a clear strategy is a serene and durable brand. 

Get your brand strategy off the ground!


Discover 8 essential steps to build a strong brand.

Call on an expert to breathe new life into your business 

Is your turnover stagnating? Do you feel like you’re doing the right thing but your efforts aren’t paying off? This is often a sign that you need a boost to take your brand even further. 

When it comes to your own business, you often lack perspective. As a result, we struggle to identify the source of the problem and therefore can’t find a solution to fix it.

A branding consultant is there to point out your difficulties, understand the reason, challenge your business model and propose a tailor-made action plan to get your business moving again. 

After a diagnosis and the elaboration of an audit, recommendations are made and a transfer of skills is carried out with your teams or yourself in order to implement the action plan. The branding consultant can also call on other experts as a backup. This is my case: I surround myself with graphic artists, web designers and developers, writers, translators, community managers… to follow through on the recommended strategies.

Through this strategic redesign, you will achieve new goals and give your brand the boost it needs.

Whether you’re just starting out or your brand has been around for a few years, hiring a branding consultant is the best way to build and develop a lasting brand that lives up to your ambitions. Don’t wait until you’re stuck or in a difficult financial situation before seeking help or assistance. The sooner the problem is identified, the sooner the expert will be able to implement a customized strategic plan to make your brand a success.

If you’re willing to put all the chances on your side to transform your brand and create a sustainable strategy aligned with your values, Let’s meet!

Céline Gainsburg-Rey

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I accompany the craftsmen creators and entrepreneurs to reveal their brand and establish their strategy to go upmarket and reach new objectives.

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