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Create a coherent and effective visual identity in 4 steps: An interview with Marie from the Natch Studio.

Your visual identity is the first thing your customers will associate with your brand or service, it is therefore a very important step in the creation process of your business.

It represents the different graphic fundamentals that reflect the soul of a company:

  • its logo
  • its colours
  • the writing font
  • the typographies, and its different distinctive features

It is through this visual “portal” that you will succeed in conveying your values, be quickly identifiable, credible and define the tone and relationship you wish to have with your customers.

As you will have clearly understood: it is one of the keys to success for the future of your brand.

Such a responsibility requires skills! In the digital age, where a large number of tools and platforms allow each individual to claim to be an artistic director, it is however not recommended to create a visual identity by yourself, unless you have a genuine experience as a graphic designer, at the risk of undermining your brand image and losing credibility.

If visual identity is a tasty blend of shapes and colours capable of establishing a dialogue with your customers, a good graphic designer is someone with a strong sense of creativity and a very gifted listener. They know how to quickly identify your needs and assist you throughout several distinct stages.

I would like to introduce Marie Bechade, from the Natch Studio with whom I had the great pleasure of collaborating and who will describe for us how to create a visual identity in 4 steps!

Step 1: Analysis and creation of 3 options

Do you know how you want to be perceived by your customers, what type of target group you want to reach and which values you would like to convey?

If so, great! In this first step, we will gather ideas, observe potential competitors and find visual concepts that refer to your brand, values and personality (for example: if you want to attract the attention of a high-end clientele, you may have to aim for rather minimalist and delicate designs).

It is a step where we analyse and dissect, before developing further and comparing various ideas. Through associations of images, colours, typographies and sketches, we will be able to present you with several coherent, intelligent and aesthetic ways to translate your message.

Step 2: Refine and develop

Once suggestions are made, according to your feedback, we shall refine and fine-tune the concept.

Most of the time, we combine two tracks together. We elaborate them through the concrete creation of several logos and graphic charter drafts (i.e. the graphic elements, colours and typographies that could be used in your logo).

In general, we offer three graphic revisions, which allow you to gradually and confidently adopt your new brand identity.

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Step 3: Your files delivered in the proper formats.

Once the logo and its graphic charter have both been validated, we will provide you with a document specifying which colour codes to use as well as the typographies and, where appropriate, the certain ratios that need to be respected (for example, when creating packaging). You will then receive your logo in its original formats and in those that best suit your needs.

Step 4: Deployment on all your media.

Finally, if you wish to take it a step further, it is possible to develop your visual identity through a wide range of media such as flyers, posters, business cards, brochures, website interfaces, packaging, and so forth… according to the codes specified in your graphic charter. We can offer you, depending on your needs and budget, packages ranging from the simple creation of a logo to the creation of multiple communication supports.

A successful visual identity is simple, easy-to-remember, timeless, versatile and adapted – would you like to meet our favorite graphic designer and create a visual identity?

If you come from our behalf, you will receive a free 45-minute session  of personalised advice on your visual identity! Please do not hesitate to take a look at the work of Marie Bechade from the Natch Studio at www.natchstudio.com.

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