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Established brands

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Céline Gainsburg-Rey

Established Brands

Support, advice and project management.

/ Your turnover is stagnating, you are questioning your positioning and strategy. You need advice to identify issues and define the most appropriate action plans that need to be implemented.

/ You have a marketing or commercial problem that needs to be urgently processed within a limited time but you do not have the in-house resources.

/ You are going through a structural and strategic transformation (positioning, distribution, marketing…) and need to challenge, support and guide your teams in this transition process.

“I help visionary entrepreneurs build a sustainable brand strategy by blending analytical and operational expertise, acquired alongside leading brands. I bring flexibility, pragmatism and creativity thanks to an ecosystem of independent talents”.


Transform your brand, transform your business: in 4 different steps.

1. Pre-diagnosis

We first meet each other and draw up a first diagnosis of your company in order to understand its context, challenges and expected results. Do you wish to find an answer to a problem or simply identify the causes of a dysfunction? Are you caught up in an emergency situation? Are the challenges you are currently facing: strategic, financial, commercial, human?
From this discussion, a personalized collaboration is suggested.

2. Audit & recommendations

Once the collaboration proposal has been validated, an audit and analysis of the existing system are carried out – depending on the project, it requires being present in your premises with your teams for one to several days. It is however also possible to do so in person, face-to-face, depending on the issue at hand. This audit leads to the recommendations and strategic conclusions that need to be implemented.

3. Recommendations

At the end of the diagnosis process, I will outline the recommendations which provide answers and also offer the advice and solutions to the initial question.
I kindly assist your team and share the methodology so as to empower them and help them become autonomous in order to successfully improve the recommended marketing mix.

4. Actions

I strongly believe in a collaborative system to generate creativity and extract the uniqueness of your project. Basically, a “pool” of skills accompanies me on projects depending on the needs: graphic designers, web designers and developers, writers, translators, digital marketing experts, community managers, intellectual property lawyers, can assist you in the deployment of the solutions you are looking for.


Each brand is unique, I thus adapt my guidance and support to your problem.

Case examples:

You do not have a marketing director? No problem, I am your Project Manager. I will help you build your e-commerce website, define its specifications, orchestrate the creation of your content and guide you in your inbound marketing strategy…

Do you lack perspective and need a fresh outlook, an experienced eye?, I help you (re)define your business plan, assist you in your strategic transition from a B-to-B to B-to-C model…

You don’t have the necessary time, experience or resources? I help you design your brand platform and optimize your internet tools for brand training products/history/customer experience….

Céline Gainsburg-Rey - Accompagnement Entreprise


Are you ready to put the odds on your side to achieve new goals?

We will analyze the current situation of the brand
We will identify your first growth levers
We will develop a first action plan

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Do you have any questions?

It all depends on the mission! I believe that with today’s technologies and alternative management approaches, a large part of the work can be done at a distance. In general, depending on the projects, I establish a pre-diagnosis from afar. Then, once the collaboration proposal has been validated by the client, I do a first part of the information gathering (written and oral) which allows me to get a better and clearer understanding of the client’s environment as well as capture certain subtleties that are not necessarily written nor said – 2 days are generally enough to compile the necessary information with some adequate advance preparation. For information, I currently reside in Istanbul, and the majority of my clients are in Europe.

I have 14 years’ experience in various marketing and sales departments of leading brands (such as Richemont and Swatch Group) – both in reflection, methodology and strategy development within the executive committee, and in the implementation and action in the field, as a subsidiary in different countries around the world. This career path allows me to have a twofold role and a very pragmatic vision: a strong sales and marketing expertise, focusing on the market’s realities, constraints and opportunities. I assist in defining strategies for brands that manufacture, distribute or place the product at the very heart of their strategy, and that seek to go upscale and achieve new objectives.

“Alone we go faster, together we go further” – It’s an African proverb. It is impossible to be an expert on everything as new technologies evolve so fast! Depending on the missions, I tend to surround myself with talents from all over the world so as to find the best ones. For one of my recent projects, my assistant was in Madagascar, my web master was in Brazil, my content editor was in France, my translator was in Belgium and I was… in Turkey. I think it’s absolutely fabulous!
I fundamentally believe in the collaborative system to generate creativity and bring forth the uniqueness of each project. My ambition is to create a complete ecosystem in order to assist and guide my customers with both speed and agility – an incubator for designer brands.

Of course ! Contact me directly via the form or block the time slot of your choice to meet.