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Finding a good brand name: 6-step method.

Finding a good brand name is a real challenge for craftsmen. Even if it is possible to find the right name in just 5 minutes, it is still important to follow and respect a certain method and dedicate some time to it.

You are a craftsman, entrepreneur, you have developed a range of products – they are beautiful, qualitative, creative and timeless… however you have:

  • not yet found the right brand name that truly suits you
  • chosen a name but are not/no longer convinced…

… Sounds familiar?

“Naming”, which consists in finding the ideal name for a product, brand or company, is a complex task. It is about identifying a name that will reflect the company’s values, history and brand image, and that will also be fully understood and adopted by customers. Naming can also include the search for the logo and graphic charter.

In some cases, creators will choose to keep their first and last name as their brand name, or even add their last name to the terms “MAISON” (“HOUSE”) or “ATELIER” (“STUDIO”), which can indeed work… but doing so has almost become almost too generic for a fashion brand.

Finding a good brand name for your company is far from being an insignificant decision. Indeed, this name will follow you everywhere, all the time, and will have a very large role to play in the development of your brand awareness and in the way your (future) customers will perceive you.

So, how do you find a good brand name? In this article, we reveal a method that will allow you to come up with a powerful and catchy name that perfectly reflects the image and values of your brand.

Define your mission-vision-values

An essential trio in the creation process of your brand’s foundations

Your name is the first contact and first image that your audience and future customers will experience with your brand. It is therefore crucial that this name be aligned with your mission, vision and values at the risk of facing dissonance and sending the wrong message to your customers who will not be totally convinced by your brand.

Your mission is your raison d’être (reason for being): it defines what the company does, what products it offers, and as much as possible, how it does it or distinguishes itself.

Your vision is your way of being: a description of a future and desirable state of the organization and/or its environment, mainly used internally with your employees and business partners.

Your values are your reason to act: they express what is particularly important to you, what really matters.

Know your ideal customer

Your typical client, also known as Persona, is a fictional portrait of your ideal client.

To know which brand name will appeal to your (future) customers, you must first know to whom you dream of selling your creations. Establishing the description of your ideal customer is fundamental to finding the right brand name. Once this description is made, locate your ideal customer – where they are both geographically and digitally located. This will help you imagine a brand name that resonates well in the context of your ideal customer.

Remember, your ideal customers don’t purchase a product they fundamentally need: they buy added-value, a code, the sense of belonging to a community.

So enhance your empathy towards your ideal customers thanks to a brand name that appeals to them!

Focus your research on your unique value proposition

A sentence that describes your promise of value, the main reason why they should purchase your product

The idea is to tell yourself, “If a prospect only has to retain ONE thing from your offer, what would it be?”

Two reasons why knowing your unique value proposition is important:

  • Your customers need to easily understand why they should buy your product;
  • Your entire business model should be built around your unique value proposition.

This value proposition that will be found on your website to showcase your promise, brand brochure or flyer, and so on, will be useful when it comes to finding a good brand name.

Ask your family and friends for a brainstorming session

Use collective intelligence. Grab your pens and post-its…
  • Start this work on your own: list all the names that resonate with all the fundamental points we have seen in the previous paragraphs. Give yourself time to think it through and don’t hesitate to review your post-its/notes a week later to reread them and eliminate what doesn’t resonate properly.
  • Afterwards, invite a small committee of people who are creative but not only! They can be friends, colleagues, professional partners, and potential customers… then, present them with your mission-vision-value, describe your ideal customer and your unique value proposition.
  • Brainstorm together by writing on a board or post-its all the names that stand out.
  • Keep the top 3 names – Feel free to merge or group two words together (not more than that ideally) – let yourself be carried away but keep in mind that the name you choose should be easy to remember and recognize.

Get your brand strategy off the ground!


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Test the name’s suitability

Or how not to lose sight of the initial objective!

After so much effort, make a few checks to make sure you haven’t gotten too carried away by the game and that your brand name – or your top 3 if you’re still unsure and can’t choose – is still linked to your brand concept.

The best way is to test this or these name(s) with an audience that knows nothing about your project by asking the following questions:

  • What does the name make you think of?
  • Is the target well targeted and will it understand the message?
  • Is it easy to pronounce?
  • If my product range evolves, does this name still work?

Register your brand name

You’re almost there…

Alright, there you go! You have now come up with your brand name. Naturally, after having verified its legal availability on the local market using such as INPI database for France, or TESS for the US, you will have to register the trademark to make sure that this name is truly yours. Registering and protecting your trademark name requires a series of very technical steps, so it is more than recommended to be assisted by a lawyer specialized in this field (and make sure you don’t miss our next article which will focus on trademark registration).

It should be noted that the INPI or local trademark registering company may refuse your brand name if it misleads consumers.

It will also be necessary, once you’ve chosen the name, that you think about your logo, signature or slogan.

Finding a good brand name is one of the challenges craftsmen have to face in this increasingly competitive market. The entire brand strategy deployed will also help to embed the chosen name in the minds of your prospects. This being said, a name that is easy to understand will make this process a lot simpler and more effective.

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