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Launching a brand without a website: is it possible?

You are in the middle of finalizing your project and you are wondering whether it is possible to launch your brand without a website? To help you see things more clearly, we offer you our advice as well as alternatives to creating a website.

Creating a website: the questions you need to ask yourself

Before you start creating a website, it is important to keep in mind that a website requires investment. A personal investment since you will have to devote time and energy as well as a financial investment to help you in the creation process of your website. 

To assist you in your reflection, I would suggest answering two specific questions.

What are you aiming for?

If this question may appear somewhat naive at first glance, it is nevertheless essential. 

To find out whether or not launching a brand without a website is feasible, consider your objectives.

  • Do you want to attract your first customers? 
  • Do you want to get your business off the ground by selling your products? 
  • Do you want to tell your story and enhance your uniqueness?

If your objective revolves around these three questions, a website seems to be the ideal medium to attract new customers, increase your sales and develop your notoriety.   

Do you have the resources to set up your website? 

We’ll be honest: creating a website is not exactly a piece of cake… especially when you don’t know much about it. You simply cannot improvise yourself to be a webmaster! 

Even if there are accessible and free platforms for website creation (WordPress, Wix, Shopify, Prestashop…), the best option is still to seek the help of an expert. 

Why? Because starting out on your own in this major undertaking that is the creation of a website will be a waste of time, time that you could spend developing the heart of your business.

Delegating the creation of your website will not only relieve you of a complex task, it will also allow you to have a top-notch quality website that reflects your image and expertise.

It’s a cost that is well worth it: a website that is intuitive and pleasant to browse represents an enormous return on investment.

Are you interested in the services of an expert?

Discover the offer we have set up with IdeaPixel, a partnering agency for all SMEs, startups and craftsmen-creators so as to benefit from a free diagnosis and advice!

The advantages of a website

Advantage #1 – A website increases visibility

All your efforts in developing your brand could not be better rewarded than by the acquisition of your first customers. 

This being said, even if you are well aware of your brand’s release and launch, how do you want your ideal customers to be? 

A website is available worldwide, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It provides you with a visibility that no no physical point-of-sale can match. 

However, in order to achieve maximum visibility, it is necessary to have a well-referenced site – which requires appropriate SEO (Search Engine Optimization – in other words, optimizing your text so that it appears in the top results of search engines). 

A well-referenced site allows you to reach a wider audience and attract new customers. Discover all our tips to increase traffic to your online store.

Advantage #2 – An e-commerce website increases your sales

There are two main types of websites for businesses: showcase sites that give information about your brand, that tell its history, values, commitments and that include a contact form for more information. As well as an e-commerce website that can include all the features we just mentioned and an e-shop or e-boutique section that allows you to sell your products… 

Concretely, having an online boutique enables you to get your sales off the ground and continue the purchase of your products, even in times of crisis. 

During Covid-19, online sales skyrocketed. Consumers have been wanting to be able to order from the comfort of their own homes, without having to deal with the hustle and bustle of stores and crowds. 

In France, 40% of consumers declared to have bought online for the first time due to the Covid-19 crisis.

This thus represents a major opportunity, with consumers increasingly demanding online platforms, and more particularly, those of small stores and retailers. 

Advantage #3 – A website boosts your brand image

A brand with a website is a credible brand that inspires trust – if it is well designed! 

In addition to your name and logo, brand image is maintained with many more marketing elements, which your visitor(s) may find on your website:

  • Your unique value proposition that differentiates you from your competitors 
  • A clear and attractive offer 
  • An endearing brand personality thanks to a strong visual identity and your own brand tone 
  • An optimized user experience 

A website is not just a catalog of your products. It is also a way to storytell your brand.

Share the story of your brand, highlight your values but also your know-how. Talk about your universe and not only about your products to reinforce your uniqueness and brand image.

It goes without saying that a website is crucial when it comes to conveying all the necessary information to potential customers, reassuring and convincing them to purchase your products and/or services.

Advantage #4 – A website allows you to connect with your customers

Creating a website allows you to build a privileged relationship with your customers. 

It can become a platform or space for dialogue by implementing the following tools:

  • A “lead magnet”, i.e., content that will allow you to attract your ideal customers. In exchange for their email address, you guarantee your subscribers content that will help them resolve their concerns/issues. This content can take the form of a newsletter, for example, to alert them in advance of the release of new products – often accompanied by a discount on the first order or free shipping. But also white guides, participation in the creation of the next collection, webinars on a particular subject… 
  • A contact form so that people can contact you to discuss a specific subject, tell you about a problem they are currently facing or leave you a positive comment.

Launching a brand without a website: the alternatives

Since it is sometimes difficult to set up a website as soon as your brand is launched and you may not necessarily have the budget, we reveal two other levers of visibility and acquisition. 


Marketplaces are a golden alternative for artisan-creators because they allow them to benefit from a personal sales space on a multi-brand e-commerce site. 

Etsy, CDiscount or Amazon offer small traders to host their store for free or for a specific membership (fee). 

Displaying your products on a marketplace is the best way to reach a larger target and attract customers who might never have come across your website before.  

Social media

Social networks are a powerful tool to promote your brand and attract your first customers. 

Platforms of choice are:

  • Facebook, which also offers its marketplace space
  • Instagram, which has developed an integrated shopping area which is increasingly featured on the platform. The last update clearly represents a dedicated and easily accessible tab for shopping experiences. 

More than just a sales space, social networks allow you to create a community and build customer loyalty by staying in touch with them and sharing content about your brand. 

To summarize, before you decide launching a brand without a website:

  • Set your goals
  • Think about the support you need for the creation of your website as well as its daily management

If you do not want to create a website upon launching your brand, do not hesitate to: 

  • Inform yourself about the opening of a store or boutique on a marketplace
  • Create a Facebook page and an Instagram account to sell directly from the platform and develop a community of customers.

However, in the long term, it is strongly recommended to have a website to reinforce your brand image, tell your story, share your values and create your own world of sales. So are you still considering launching a brand without a website?

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