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Strategy package

Do you wish to take charge of your brand’s future?

A complete coaching program to help structure and perpetuate your brand’s strategy!

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Céline Gainsburg-Rey - Forfait Stratégie

Brand Entrepreneurs

Are you in the process of developing your brand? I will assist you.

/ You have a creative spirit, your collections are unique and overflow with style but you are finding it difficult to captivate your audience and impose yourself on the market.

/ Your products are unique, your expertise is authentic and despite your communication efforts and the application of friendly guidance, you are unable to reach your sales target.

/ You lack perspective, objectivity and time. You have the impression that you are not moving forward and are missing out, you are looking for a “multi-hatted” person to help you develop a sustainable brand strategy, give you the right tools so as to move forward with confidence.

Céline Gainsburg-Rey - Accompagnement Entreprise

“It is not slickness, polish, uniqueness, or cleverness that makes a brand a brand.
It is truth.”

H. Beckwith

Branding & Strategy

16-week coaching program
based on 12 main themes.

Launching a brand is exciting, intense, complex… just like a house, you have to lay the foundations before you can build the walls! We will work together on the branding of your brand: its core personality, values, aspirations, objectives, promise to its audience and positioning.

Then, step by step, we will clarify your offer as well as your business model: the right range of products for your ideal target, at the right price, via an optimal distribution channel and an adapted communication strategy.

I help you take a step back to analyze the environment surrounding you – both you and your brand – and make an initial diagnosis to transform your hindrances into growth drivers, convert threats into opportunities and make your weaknesses become your strengths.

We define your mission-vision-values, 3 fundamental tools that need to be placed at the core of your brand strategy. They will be your guides in setting your objectives and achieving your goals. They will basically constitute your roadmap.

Thanks to Simon Sinek’s concept, we will explore why some people or brands succeed while others fail. We will discover a simple theory to extract your uniqueness, inspire others and encourage them to consume your product!

Together, we structure your brand messages so that you can have a greater impact on your (future) customers thanks to a clear positioning, an adapted signature, your introductory text and brand manifesto.

We work on your ideal target audience to focus your communication efforts and maximize your engagement ratios. Talking to everyone is like talking to no one. We will analyze competition to adapt and refine your future strategy and improve your performance.

It takes less than 2 seconds for a visitor to form an opinion on a brand based on their website or home page! An expert graphic designer in visual identity gives you the following piece of advice: your brand’s identity is the KEY.

One of the greatest challenges for a creator is to define their range of products: an offer is not only based on a feeling but must be carefully thought through, timed, structured and limited. In this module, we will discuss the structure of the product range, the importance of identifying its selection and suggest best practices.

The price of your product is one of the most important and difficult decisions to make. Too often, creators spend hundreds of hours designing their products but never enough time on their margin calculation. We will examine the steps you will need to follow to establish a price structure so that you can provide a fair price for guaranteed profitability.

Distribution is a key element. Establishing an acquisition strategy will help you evaluate which channel is best suited to your products. In this module, we will examine the different options that a brand can have and the most appropriate one.

With all the alternatives available today for brands and the limited budget of entrepreneurs, it is not easy to make the right choices and optimize your return on investment. In this module, we will establish your marketing strategy to get you started according to your objectives and means.

A powerful way for companies of all sizes to reach their prospects and customers. Good communication on social networks can bring remarkable success to your business. However, before you start engaging with your audience: you first need to have a plan!

Defining your performance indicators (KPIs) and measure your ROI using pragmatic tools. A module to help analyze your different performances, create your own dashboard more easily so as to manage your company or department and thus adapt your actions to improve your brand’s profitability.

“One day, when the timing is right, a person is sent on your path to guide you and help you move forward. Céline is the person I was looking for! Through her step-by-step methodology and advice, we managed to structure the foundations of my brand. She knew how to extract what I had inside of me and translate it into a strategy aligned with my values”.

Sandra Schiavo Bijoux, a brand in its launching process.

How it all works

Let’s clarify your brand history and
define a sustainable business strategy.

16-week coaching program

16 progressive and theme-based modules

A workbook (to be completed)

A toolbox with ready-to-use templates and cheat sheets

10 face-to-face collaborative work sessions

1 tripartite collaborative work session with a graphic designer in visual identity

1 tripartite collaborative work session with an expert in digital marketing

Final delivery of a personalized brand guide and a tailor-made action plan

Your investment
Starting from 3 600 € excl. VAT*
* depending on the payment terms.

Céline Gainsburg-Rey


A team of experts orchestrated by me
to meet all your needs.

In need of a coherent and impactful visual identity?

Our expert graphic designer partner offers to create the graphic development of your brand identity at a negotiated price (for our customers).

Do you wish to be visible and sell on the web?

Our web designer partner offers to create your showcase or e-commerce website at a negotiated price (for our customers).


Are you ready to put all the chances on your side to achieve new objectives?

We will analyze your brand’s current situation
We will identify your first growth drivers
We will develop a first action plan

Let's meet!

do you have any questions?

Progress and results greatly depend on you, your level of commitment and, above all, your effectiveness in applying the advice and methodology explained in the different modules. After 16 weeks, your brand messages to publicize the core personality of your company, your values, aspirations, objectives, promise to your audience will all be clear, coherent and structured. You will have a clear vision of your offer and business model: the right range of products, for your ideal target, at the right price, via an optimal distribution channel and an adapted communication strategy.

The sessions last one hour. This is generally all it takes to unlock and validate all the various points. However, if after an hour we are not finished, I will obviously not hang up on you! We will take the time to finalize everything even if that means spending a little more time than initially planned.

You probably wear several hats in addition to the one of solo craftsman/creator. However, it is recommended to schedule 3 to 4 hours per week to work on the program, although some weeks may be “lighter” than others depending on the modules.

Definitely! I can already see you behind your computer screen, after having spent the last 18 months exhausting yourself doing everything by yourself – or almost – asking for advice to your entrepreneur father, designer cousin, childhood friend who’s a serial marketer… and yet, despite all this, you find it difficult to convince your buyers. Together, we will review the foundations of your brand to write your story and essence as well as clarify your brand messages to step-by-step develop an authentic sales and marketing strategy that is consistent with your values. However, before that, why not take advantage of a free diagnosis so as to identify your first progress levers.

Of course! Contact me directly via the contact form or reserve the time slot of your choice in order to meet each other.